25 Nov 2017


KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia’s first subscription-based e-hailing service, Quulo, came alive as an app for smartphones, and those keen to be drivers can sign up for less than RM5 a month.

Managing-director Vinesh Nair said the service allowed riders to pay less and drivers earn more.

“We are different from other services as we base it on strengthening our community first.

“Most services are commission-based where they take a certain percentage from each ride fare.

“With Quulo, the subscription model ensures riders end up paying less for a ride while our drivers earn more,” he said in line with Quulo definition of quality for you for low prices.

Drivers who sign up with the platform are charged RM4.99 a day. However, whether the drivers use the platform or not over any particular day they will still be charged daily.

“Like any subscription-based service, we prefer to charge daily instead of having drivers pay a lump sum at the end of the month so as to provide flexibility to them,” he said.

Quulo will have an e-wallet on their app that allows the driver to top up cash to allow them to use their platform.

The platform would deduct RM4.99 daily for the e-wallet to allow drivers to use the app.

The e-wallet requires a minimum RM4.99 and if it is lower the driver will not be granted full access to the app until he tops up.

Since its launch, Quulo has received positive response and Vinesh is confident the brand will build a strong presence in the Klang Valley within a modest time frame.

“Up until Nov 18, we have 320 registered drivers with 700 passenger downloads. Despite only being a few weeks old, the feedback we received was tremendous.

“When we launched the programme, we had 70 drivers sign-up as pilot drivers and they have always provided feedback on how we need to improve.

“Public feedback has also been encouraging as they want to use our service although at the moment we are tackling demand issues with limited drivers,” he said.

The whole idea of Quulo started when the founders were exchanging stories with friends and family about e-hailing services.

The founders Vinesh along with Andrew Kumar (green landscape specialist), Ravinder Bhatti (oil and gas engineer), Navinder Singh (Doctor) and Vinesh (IT and Human resource) are from different backgrounds. They figured out ways to introduce a better e-hailing service.

Source: http://epaper.mmail.com.my/2017/11/25/be-a-e-hail-driver-at-rm4-99-per-day/

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