Company Overview

Quulo Ventures Sdn.Bhd. on the 1st December 2017 embarked into the E-hailing service with the brand name “Quulo”. E-hailing service is a taxi like service which doesn’t require a licensed taxi but anyone with a motor vehicle that falls within the requirements of Quulo & SPAD can be used as a taxi.

Quulo provides an opportunity for drivers to earn full time or passive income via its robust technology platform. Unlike other E-hailing services available in Malaysia, Quulo is designed to provide more for less. Passenger enjoy lower fares while drivers are guaranteed to earn more comparing to other services available.

Quulo is the first SPAD approved community centered E-hailing service platform in Malaysia, connecting drivers and passengers. We trust via this community, it will allow passengers to enjoy lower fares while drivers earn more. Quulo is SUBSCRIPTION based and drivers DO NOT pay commission instead a flat fee of RM4.99/day after completing their first ride. An idea we set to test out, over the last year has got us to understand this is a working model. Drivers & passengers are very supportive towards the idea.

Our first mobile app version had quite a few bugs and was unstable , we knew we had to get this fixed if we wanted to be a major player in Malaysia. On September 2018, we launched Quulo App Version 2 for both passenger and driver. This version we had completely changed the user interface, fixed all the bugs and added 18 new functions. We are proud to announce our apps are very stable at the moment.

Where do we operate?